President’s speech



Prof. Moulay Lhassan HBID
            President of University Cadi Ayyad

University Cadi Ayyad (UCA) is one of the leading public universities at both national and regional levels. Since its foundation in 1978, it has ensured its full role in the creation and transmission of knowledge; it has distinguished itself through research and innovation. Over the years, it has also developed other structures that have further strengthened the landscape of higher education.


University Cadi Ayyad draws its strategies in harmony with the high directions of his Majesty. It is conscious of its role as a key factor in knowledge economy, university Cadi Ayyad is called upon to meet the expectations of the region and the country. It is supposed to adapt to the changes of a globalized world, which is governed by technology. The university is keen on taking actions, which take into account the complexity of its responsibilities, which has led to national and international recognition. The university has appeared in the most prestigious world rankings.


University Cadi Ayyad is celebrating its 40th anniversary; it is an opportunity to trace its history, but also to address its future. It is also an occasion to readjust its missions to prepare for the competitiveness of tomorrow and to the changing requirements of the socio-economic world.


In order to perceive such goals, University Cadi Ayyad has chosen to orient its actions around four key pillars:


- The student should be at the center of UCA's development dynamics, to favor his/her success, his/her growth and his/her insertion into the job market.


- Internationalization to structure and boost cooperation, encourage and reinforce internal and external mobility of both researchers and students, to set up dual degree courses, projects and mixed international laboratories and also to encourage the organization of international thematic meetings;


- Digitization to gain more attractiveness of UCA institutions through pedagogical innovations, improve administrative efficiency and offer quality services;


- Community involvement to ensure a more active presence in Marrakech-Safi region through the implementation of adapted training, research-action & development, which favor the socio-economic environment and provide a continuous and fruitful dialogue with stakeholders in the region.


University Cadi Ayyad has reached a level of discernment, which allows it to distinguish primordial issues. Confronting the challenges it faces would be impossible without the commitment of all stakeholders in the university, with a responsible, humane and inclusive approach.