University Cadi Ayyad, the eminent university of science and knowledge.

UCA is a relatively young university, it was created in 1978, it has never ceased to evolve and confirm its position  at the national and international level,  this position is due to both the increase of its students' number and the various training offer it proposes, also through research, national and internaitonal influence.

Its missions :

  • Initial and continuing training;
  • Scientific and Technological Research;
  • Dissemination of culture, Scientific and Technical Information;
  • National and International Cooperation;
  • Orientation and Professional Integration;
  • Participation in regional and national economic development.

Its principles :

  • Multidisciplinarity;
  • Pedagogical and scientific autonomy;
  • Administrative and financial autonomy;
  • Opening.

A few figures :

Today, University Cadi ayyad is comprised of 14 different academic institutions covering a wide range of disciplines from medicine to arts in four different cities:


  • Faculty of Sciences Semlalia,
  • Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences,
  • Faculty of Juridical, Economic and Social Sciences,
  • Faculty of Technical Sciences,
  • Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy,
  • National School of Applied Sciences,
  • National School of Commerce and Management,
  • Higher Normal School,
  • Faculty of Arabic Language,


  • Higher School of Technology,
  • Kelaat Des Sraghna
  • Polydisciplinary Campus Center,


  • Higher School of Technology,
  • Polydisciplinary Faculty,
  • National School of Applied Sciences,


Cadi Ayyad University is engaged in a creative project ‘’ Innovation City of Marrakech” which is operational  and built on an area of 5000 meters square to help promoting research within companies and encouraging the creation of innovative companies. Innovation City of Marrakech aims at making Marrakech a technological city, clean and culturally rich with economic and societal themes of high caliber bringing an added value, also to reflect upon the ways, means and concrete measures to foster the emergence of an innovation environment with regards to the market’s needs. it intends to enhance the potential of Moroccan researchers nationally and internationally.

University Cadi Ayyad attracts more than 100000 students from different regions most of whom are based in Marrakech and more particularly in open access institutions.

In order to maintain quality requirements in every area and at all the different aspects of training, UCA promotes teaching through innovations and relies on evaluation tools.

As a response to students’ massification issues, UCA has adopted pedagogical innovation principles since it is the first African University to have introduced MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) as a pedagogical tool to make up for the low supervision rate and reduce students’ failure. Today, more than 100 teaching modules are available online. In the same line, UCA has also established E- labs to provide students with the possibility of realizing their practicals from afar.

Introducing the concept of « Smart University » based on a digital strategy that incorporates new pedagogical systems, which seeks to digitize courses and promote collaborative research. In the same vein, UCA has also opted for the dematerialization of administrative procedures and financial management for greater efficiency and better governance.

Presidency team :

President :

Pr. Moulay Lhassan HBID

Office address:

Phone: (+212) 5 24 434885 - Fax: (+212) 5 24 43 44 94

Vice President in charge of Academic, Pedagogical, Cultural and Sports Affairs:


Phone: (+212) 5 24 436178 - Fax: : (+212) 5 24 43 44 94
Email :


Vice President in charge of Scientific Research, cooperation and international relations :

Pr. Fatima-Zohra IFLAHEN

Phone : (+212) 5 24 434537- Fax: (+212) 5 24 43 44 94
Email  :


General secretary : 

Mme Meriem ABISSY

Phone: (+212) 5 24 437722- Fax: (+212) 5 24 43 44 94
Email :

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